Untranslatable Word 1, in honour of Holocaust Memorial Day 2020

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Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash

I first came across the word ‘heimweh’ in Primo Levi’s harrowing and brilliant account of life in Auschwitz, If This Is A Man. Having cut his foot during a work detail Levi is admitted into the infirmary, the ‘Krankenbau’ abbreviated in the camp to Ka-Be. Here, with a measure of respite from the punishing exhaustion of brutal labour,

whoever still has some seeds of conscience, feels his conscience reawaken; and in the long empty days, one speaks of other things than hunger and work and one begins to consider what…

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[Anders Jilden, Unsplash]

Well, we can dream can’t we? And one day, maybe even one day soon (this year, next year…?), we can make those dreams a reality.

In the meantime, until travel possibilities return, enjoy this post as inspiration for future days, or a spark that lights up memories of journeys past…

Yes, you’re a senior; but you’re not ready for the slippers and TV just yet. It’s the thought of senior travel and adventure that’s calling to you.

You know there’s a whole wide world out there, from the next county to the next continent and beyond. …

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Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

We love our dogs and want the best for them, and that of course includes the food that we give them.

On this point, what food is best for your dog, there has never been so much discussion. And much of the debate — amongst dog owners, veterinarians, researchers and canine health advisory bodies — has focused on the raw food diet.

Online there are many eye-catching stories of an ailing pet’s health dramatically improving when fed a raw diet; of pets developing shinier coats and firmer muscles, and living longer. …

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Photo by Reed Shepherd on Unsplash

There’s that moment when he looks up, his big brown eyes searching your eyes, and you wonder — ‘what’s he thinking?’

Actually, whenever you’re with him, your dog is acutely aware of you and watching you closely, interpreting the way you’re feeling through a combination of your body language, facial expression and tone of voice.

Most of all, dogs are conscious of body language, both that of other dogs and of us humans. And, unlike us, body language is their first language.

A dog uses his whole body, from nose to tail, to communicate with other dogs, and indeed humans…

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Photo by Mitchell Griest

Hey! You bought Chester a lovely, deep, brand new bed, supportive in all the right places, ticking all the cool bases, and whaaaat! Where do you find him? Right back on the sofa. Where he *knows* he belongs.

Because, of course, what his super duper bed lacks is the most important person in his life. You. And nothing can quite match the sofa with you, or your scent.

Maybe you don’t mind him being on the couch. But if you’d like your dog to sleep on his new bed at least sometimes, here’s what you can do.

Don’t forget, dogs love to cuddle

Dogs cuddle for…

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Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

There’s nothing like spending some active, high energy time with your dog to have fun and get to know each other better. It’s an opportunity to blow away the cobwebs, get some fresh air and take a break from everyday cares and worries.

And the good news is that with these back garden games you don’t need to go further than your backyard to have a great time. They’re perfect for those evenings when you don’t have a lot of time, or when you’re tired but pooch most decidedly isn’t!

Just throwing a ball over and over again can get…

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Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

Nothing says home quite like your dog happily asleep in his bed. And nothing works better for keeping him off your furniture (or your own bed!) than a bed he loves to lie in.

A bed that your dog loves is also important because he needs his sleep just as much, if not more, than we do. Your dog will generally spend 14 hours or more asleep every day.

And, just like us, a dog that gets the rest he needs is a happier, healthier dog.

But, out of all the mind-scrambling array of choices of different styles, sizes, materials…

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Sunset at Branksome Chine, Dorset, looking west

Getting up early to watch the sun rising over a frozen landscape, mist hanging low in the silent air and a ruined, thousand year old castle in the distance. It’s what memories are made of.

Think of Dorset and your first thoughts may be of summer. But there are just as many adventures to pursue across the coast and countryside of this county in the south-west of the UK during the winter months. In fact many would argue that it’s only during the winter months that you really experience the beating heart of the county.

So put on your warm…

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